What You Should Consider When Looking For a Free Boiler Replacement

If you are planning to buy a new boiler grants scheme then you may be looking for a free boiler. There are many different types of free boiler schemes available, and finding one that suits your needs and budget should not be too difficult. In this article I will outline what each scheme has to offer and whether they would benefit you. I will also explain how you can get a boiler on a payments basis in order to reduce the cost and avoid the usual upfront costs. The main benefit of these schemes is that you don’t have to pay any initial cost to get the boiler, although you would have to come out with some sort of maintenance and other costs. You may find that you are eligible for tax cuts as well.

One of the more popular free boiler schemes available at the moment is the solar heat pump boiler. These are very energy efficient and clean, and can work in conjunction with your existing heating system to provide even more efficient heating. The way in which they work is by using the sun’s power to heat up water, which in turn is then used to warm up the air inside your home. As these are becoming more popular there are now several companies who offer these products, and you could potentially save hundreds of pounds on your monthly electricity bill.

Another popular option in the UK is the combi-boiler replacement scheme. This scheme allows you to take out a boiler replacement boiler but also pay monthly for it, which you then use in conjunction with your existing boiler. You usually have three months from the date you buy the boiler to claim back any expenses you have incurred, which can include up to six months’ notice before your payment begins. This means that if you want to continue to keep using the boiler for three months after the end of the contract then you can do so.

Of course, the type of boiler you have will affect the eligibility criteria for a free boiler, and in most cases you will need to be able to prove that your income is less than 3k per annum. However, there are some schemes that specifically target homeowners with pensioner benefits or Centrelink benefits. This means that you may be able to get a boiler for free even if you do not have one of these benefits, although you will probably have to pay a higher premium. If you have other forms of welfare or public service loans then you may also be eligible to move to a new system. Usually these loans are repaid over three to five years, although this can vary depending on the scheme you go for.

If you are unable to find a free boiler replacement boiler then you may still qualify for a low-cost system. These can be provided by some companies, but you are more likely to find a package deal where you make monthly payments into a central fund. Once this has been paid then the boiler will start paying for itself. Some schemes allow you to keep your old boiler for up to twelve months before you have to think about replacing it, whilst others require you to make a choice by 31 December each year. Regardless, of whether you choose this scheme or another you will likely have to pay tax on the amount you spend on the replacement boiler.

You should check with your energy supplier as to whether they will match any matching gas and electricity prices you have to pay. If they cannot then you will need to switch energy suppliers. Another way you could save money on a boiler scheme is if the energy supplier offers you free installation. If this is the case you should ask them to give you a written quote for the cost of fitting the new boiler within the three months. If they do not offer this then you should consider switching energy suppliers as you are likely to find that the rates are much lower than if you had gone for an installation plan.

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