What Influences Are Saying About Instagram?

In this piece I’ll explain why you should care about cheap instagram likes $1 and why brands should care about them too. On Instagram, users are able to create “likes” which in turn provide them with a tool for connecting with their audience. Likes help users establish a connection with their influencers and engage with their consumers on a more personal level. Here are some of the main benefits associated with engaging with social media influencers on Instagram:

You want to get more likes because it enables you to connect with your target audience in an entirely new way. Users can easily follow the account of an influencer which provides them with access to valuable information and content. As a result, when a user “likes” that influencer’s page they are also sharing with their audience. This new medium provides a valuable new platform for brand and product marketing.

A platform that has a one billion active user base speaks of a massive influence. One billion people have taken this route to connect with their friends and loved ones on the internet. The influence reaches far beyond normal social media traffic which gives brands access to their audience at one billion strong. Brands using this platform to deliver targeted campaigns that engage and connect with their audiences in a totally unique way that is not possible elsewhere. This provides them with an advantage over other companies that do not have this much influence.

One of the biggest advantages of this strategy is that it eliminates the need for costly traditional forms of brand advertising. Unlike television or newspaper ads, there are few places on the internet where a brand can spend money to reach the largest audience. Facebook is by far the biggest influencer and accounts for more than half of all Instagram revenue. While other platforms like twitter and Google+ have billions of users, there are only so many ways a company can advertise to that audience. By using a system like Instagram, brands gain a platform to interact directly with influencers and engage with their audience on a level that television and newspaper adverts simply cannot.

To make it easier to identify influential influencers, we’ve designed a heat map. Each color represents a different influencer and helps us determine the likely source of a brand’s Instagram likes. Green means the user is likely an Instagram user who has recently posted a photo or video, yellow represents users who are more likely to be endorsed by the brand. Red is the general population or a random user, and purple represents users who have not yet shared a photo or video. To get a better idea of the full influencer spectrum, we recommend you look at the heat map below.

The biggest challenge for any brand when it comes to engagement on Instagram is getting enough likes to rank high in the feed. The most successful Instagram apps use content-focused apps to promote posts by influencers and provide a useful function for consumers. Users gain access to content from their favorite brands and choose whether to follow or follow based on its importance. As well as providing a useful function for consumers, these apps help brands connect with their audience on a more personal level. For brands looking to target younger audiences on Instagram, we recommend you start experimenting with apps that can provide a platform for sharing short promos and behind the scenes information about your brand and its products without the need for a paid subscription.

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