Top Three Individual Insider Shareholders of Apple Inc.

Apple is a public company which means anybody can buy the stocks of this company. The shares of this company are traded in the stock market.

The people who purchase AAPL Stock become shareholders. They receive the dividend on the shares. Anybody can invest their money in the company.

There are individual shareholders as well as institutional shareholders. Apart from this, there are individual insider shareholders. These shareholders have authority in the company. They are mostly among the directors of the company.

Top 3 Insider Shareholders:

Insider Shareholders are those people who own most of the shares of the company. These people are a part of the management of the company. They mostly own more than 10%, AAPL Stock. Here are the top there individual insider shareholders of Apple Inc.

  • Arthur Levinson:

He owns nearly 1,133,283 shares of Apple. The amount of share represents 0.03% of the total Apple shares. He is the chairman of the board. He has been holding this position since 2011. He also co-leads the directors on the board. He has been doing it since 2005. He became a part of Apple in the year 2000. He has taken care of all the three board committees. He has been a part of audit & finance. He is a part of corporate governance and compensation. Before he started working with Apple, he was a chairman of Genentech Inc. It is a biotech company. He is the founder and CEO of Calico. It is also a biotech company.

  • Tim Cook:

He is the face of Apple. After Steve Jobs, he became the public figure people associate Apple with. He owns 847,969 shares of Apple. It makes up to 0.02% of the total shares of the company. He became the CEO of the company in the year 2011. After Steve Jobs died, he was the only fit candidate to fill in his position. He became a part of Apple in 1998. He was the chief operating office then. He took care of sales and operations. He was the head of Macintosh division. Before Apple, he worked with Compaq. He was the Vice President of the company. He also worked as IBM’s director.

  • Al Gore:

He owns 113,585 Apple Shares. It makes up to 0.01% of the total shares of the company. In the 2000 election, he was the nominee. He was a part of the Democratic Party. He was the 45th Vice President of US. He was a Senator from Tennessee. He is also an investor and entrepreneur. He is also a Nobel Prize laureate. He became a part of Apple in 2003. 

These are the three biggest insider Shareholders of Apple Inc. They are an important part of the company. You can check more information like balance sheet at

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.

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