Preventative Maintenance Tips for Your Air Conditioning System

Prevent AC Repair by Properly disposing of AC Leaks. The process of leak detection is an important component of an effective energy management system for homes. AC Leaks often cause problems such as high electricity bills and uncomfortable room temperatures. This condition can result in damage to the AC, expensive repairs or even the destruction of your AC. The process of air leaks is usually a simple one; however, there are some common mistakes that AC repair professionals make when detecting a loose or leaking AC.

Mismatching Coolant – If your home’s air conditioning system produces coolant that is not the same color as the liquid in the refrigerant lines or if the coolant runs at a higher pressure than the dehumidifier settings, it may be necessary to replace the existing cooling system with a brand new unit. This is especially true if you have recently added a second refrigerant line to your home. The most logical place to locate the unit is the service panel. This easy step will prevent an overflow of coolant and an expensive AC repair bill. Another thing about checking your air conditioning unit’s coolant levels before a replacement is purchased is that the unit may have already been damaged.

Mismatching Thermostat Control – When checking the thermostat controls on your air conditioning repair professionals will check the temperature gauge to determine whether the unit is operating at its correct coolant level. Sometimes this mistake can be made during the installation of the coolant pump. This mistake may be compounded if the technician neglects to disconnect the heating system from the AC first. It is important for air conditioner technicians to always test the system before beginning any work, including emergency and repairs. Visit air conditioning repair near me to understand what chances you have.

Improperly Closed circuits – This is a major mistake that many amateur air conditioner technicians make during their ac repair work. During the process of completing an ac repair the homeowner may accidentally close the system’s blower unit or blower fan without fully releasing the blower valve. The result of this action can be dangerous and even deadly. If the air conditioner technician does not properly complete his or her check the blower components can leak coolant into the home. This will result in a very large and expensive repair bill.

Air Conditioning Repairs – Sometimes an air conditioning unit’s fan belt can become disconnected from the compressor unit. If the belt has become disconnected, the homeowner will need to disconnect the existing AC installation first. Then, the technician will disconnect the blower and fan belts as well. Next, he or she will reinstall the blower belt and fan. These are key points in the maintenance of ac repair services. Failure to complete these steps appropriately will result in a costly AC repair job.

With a little preparation before scheduling your AC repair technician you can make sure that you avoid expensive AC repairs. First, before calling an air conditioning repair technician, be sure to turn the power off to the home. Next, take a few minutes to review your AC installation by viewing the owner’s manual and doing some research online. Finally, call a local AC repair technician and schedule your appointment.

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