New Galleries in the UK Feature Individual Artists

Established in 1998, Grove Square Galleries has grown to become one of the most popular art venues in central London. With a permanent residency in Trafalgar Square, the gallery is located just below the iconic clock. It exhibits a wide variety of local, national and international artists working in various mediums.

The gallery is run by an advisory service, which means that not only are the artistic activities but the scheduling and exhibitions of the contemporary art galleries in Trafalgar Square managed by experts in this field. The contemporary art gallery is run by its executive team who choose local and national and international contemporary artists based on their talent, skill, reputation and production values. These are followed by curators from the leading contemporary art organisations in the UK. A resident artist program runs every month, featuring local and international talent in exhibitions, workshops and shows. The Grove Square Galleries advisory service also arranges for major national and international travelling contemporary artists as part of its resident artist programme.

In addition to the solo exhibition and group exhibitions, Grove Square Galleries also co-ordinates with the Lynton and George exhibits. The Lynton and George exhibitions are renowned for their solo exhibits and the solo performances by soloists as well as groups. Each month, Lynton and George organise a four-day solo exhibition at the Soho House Gallery in London to feature different works by different artists. This is followed by a complementary four-day group exhibition at the Museum of London. Visit Grove Square Galleries for more information

This is in line with the established Galleria’s commitment to supporting young contemporary artists and other emerging artists with contemporary projects that take on social, political, economic, environmental and cultural issues. The Gallery is also involved in a number of programs of cross-disciplinary solo exhibitions and group exhibitions. In collaboration with Lynton and George Gallery, Grove Square Galleries organises a yearly Solitary Exhibitions programme to coincide with the exhibition season.

In this year’s Solitary exhibition, held at the Museum of London, British artists including Callan Hamilton Cole, Jake Kelly, Peter Collins, Celine Dion, Luke Kelly and many others, present solo or group works. The programme was designed to allow solo practitioners the chance to present work which they feel demands public attention. The main exhibition area features the Centrepoint Building, a striking glass-fronted cube, and within this area, there are numerous small galleries displaying individual works by different artists, whilst larger spaces feature solo exhibits by Callan Hamilton Cole, Peter Collins, Celine Dion, Luke Kelly and others. All these are participating in a ground-breaking programme that brings together established collectors with new emerging artists, enabling everyone to experience the thrill of browsing through contemporary art.

The success of the Solitary exhibition was due to the organising and promotion strategy adopted by the Gallery. The company behind Grove Square Galleries, a company called DMX Companies Ltd, have realised that a new gallery format is necessary in order to continue growing their business and they have gone to great lengths to ensure the success of the exhibition. The company has created an interactive website where visitors can explore the company’s gallery and learn more about the independent artists that participate. The company also understand that their reputation depends upon the trust of their clients and it is hoped that the website will help to reassure future customers that they can have confidence in the company and that they will be able to interact with their fellow collectors. A major part of the company’s strategy has been the establishment of an advisory group comprising former gallery clients who are now actively involved in the company’s activities.

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