Information on Electric, Gas and Mains Gas Furnace Types

Definition of Heaters An outdoor heater is a large catch all term for any device that heats an outdoor area. The first heating systems were underground and would have pipes running through the walls and holes in the earth. The biggest problem with these type of systems was that they did not allow for very much airflow into the area being heated, which led to extremely high fuel bills. As the world slowly grew colder, and more people started choosing to heat their homes using fireplaces and open fires, designers started to look for new ways to better utilize the existing heating resources and space. Heaters were the final solution and have been used ever since.

Traditional Heaters One of the most common types of heaters are direct-vent heaters. These units simply have a vent to remove smoke and steam from the air surrounding the burner. As stated before, most are designed to emit a sealed steam or gas, which means that there is little or no ventilation needed. Most modern heaters will include the latest technology, including carbon monoxide sensors that will turn on if any levels of this substance are detected. This has made these types of furnaces, a very green alternative to standard heating units.

Electric Heaters Another type of heater would be electric radiant heaters. They are also a green option for most home owners and allow you to control how much heat comes out of the unit. Electric radiant heaters can be powered with electricity or even with solar energy. Depending on where you live, if you can find a power outlet that is close enough to use solar power will be your best bet. If you can’t do that, then an electric heater would make a good choice.

Gas Room Heaters Another good option for electric room heaters would be gas room heaters. These types of furnaces can either be run with electricity or by propane. A gas room heater that uses electricity will run more efficiently over time, but it will start to use up a lot more energy. One that uses propane will provide more heat in a shorter amount of time and may be better in some situations.

Mains Gas Heaters Mains gas furnaces are among the most efficient of all types of furnaces. The reason for this efficiency is that they work by using the same principles that electrical heaters use. Electrical and gas heaters both radiate heat, and the difference is only their efficiency. Electrical heaters are less efficient than gas heaters when it comes to running cost. The size of the room it is operating in will also affect this somewhat.

Installing any of these types of furnaces should not be difficult. However, it is a good idea to consult with an expert if you have never done so before. They can provide you with specific instructions on how to properly install the furnace you plan on buying. All furnaces are not the same, and so not all boilers are appropriate for all rooms.

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